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From 18 months to 3 years old – Peach class and Pineapple class

In the opinion of the scientists, from this age, your children are able to aware of many things but not completely fulfilled . They like discovering new tastes and playing simple toys by themselves. They can conceive quickly the things happening between them and people around. However, the 2-year-old- child do not have the stable psychology and peaceful sleep. They often have sleeplessness with nightmare and this situation only reduces when they are 3 years old; so they need love and caring from their parents and cousins. Therefore, in accordance with the conditions of life and the nutrition, the balance in children’s psychology is very necessary.

Sunrise Kidz hopes to be the second family to guide the children to do the first discovery in safe and loving feeling

  •     Senses and Feeling
  •     Independence
  •     Language
  •     Physical practice
  •     Cultural awareness

From 3-5 years old – Apple, Grapes and Strawberry Class

At the age of 3-5 years old, the children can do physical exercises more easier and exactly, in the same reach of next level language ability. The children start exploring the world around them tirelessly. They will come back with their parents to continue their discovery after a long time in a day beside friends and teachers at Sunrise Kidz. The children imitate the grown-ups through discovery projects and experiments, which help them to behave more skillfully and make their brain as well as physical develop. They can draw their own conclusions and show their emotion in a perfect way. At this age, any grown-ups’ normal activities also stimulate the curiosity and attract the child. They are able to remember and acquire quickly what they are approached; and they tend to find the independence and want to express themselves clearly; so sometimes they will not obey you. They need the grown-ups’ guidance and caring to have good psychology

Sunrise Kidz considers this process is the beginning of controlling and coordinating between brain and body; therefore we build the syllabus for Kindergarten basing on awareness skills of the children. Sunrise Kidz will help the children aware and communicate with the things they know. At this age, they will access to Maths through the equipment. They are also introduced to the alphabetical names and after that they will learn the nuances, functions of words and grammar. Sunrise Kidz specially build Kindergarten Syllabus for 5 years old group who are going to join the 1st grade. With this syllabus, the children will be equipped some elementary knowledge in-accordance with confident and seriously manners.

In this period, we concentrate on developing the children in the following sections:

1. Mathematic

    a. Number and Number system
    b. Operation
    c. Measures, shape and space

2. Literature

    a. Developing the word formation.
    b. Enriching the Children’s soul
    c. Widening the Children’s view, knowledge ability and discovering the Culture beauty.

3. Science

    a. Developing the knowledge by studying the structure of a object or an alive object and observing phenomenon in the most simple way to children.

4. The lesson contents can include

    Tree planning, Material classification and use, Light and Dark, Push and Pull, Sound and Hearing…

5. English

    a. Developing the speaking and listening skills, widen the new words.
    b. Developing the conceive of word, syllable, and grammar.

6. Shaping

    a. Developing skills by using multiform material in Shaping.
    b. The lesson contents can include: Character Graphics, material discovering and using, what is sculpture ?

7. Music

    a. Developing skills in conceiving and understanding how can sound be and changed?
    b. Lesson contents can include: Rhythm, Sound and Performance…

8. Geography

    a. Developing natural conceive and human in different areas in the world.
    b. Lessons contents can include: Continents in the world map, Sunrise Kidz school – area in the map…

9. Body development

    a. In order to strengthen the co-ordination between parts in the body by learning movement and controlling
    b. Lesson contents include: dancing lessons, exercises, physical activities

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