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Sustainable value of Sunrise Kidz

Sunrise Kidz kindergarten system has experienced 10 years of development (2003 – 2013) continually progressing and improving in terms of educational quality, teachers, facilities and diet regimen. Sunrise Kidz has always been proud of the sustainable values that have been a part of the school’s foundation since the beginning, and takes them seriously as a compass for all educational activities. 

Application of Montessori education method 

Sunrise Kidz is the first kindergarten in Vietnam to apply the original Montessori education method, using the guideline of “child-centered” education, where the teacher as a guide in the child’s self-driven learning. Sunrise Kidz has created a modern and dynamic learning environment, which helps children to develop logical thinking ability, creativity, independence and self-confidence by operating and discovering things by themselves. They do this with the help of teaching aids designed based on Montessori method, as well as with the guidance of experienced teachers. Moreover, Sunrise Kidz is designed based on the standard of the kindergarten with large space and separate dining room. At present Sunrise Kidz has opened 5 campuses in Ba Dinh and Cau Giay district, conveniently located for parents and families. 

American-English language
Acknowledging the importance of English for the children from 2-6, Sunrise Kidz has been implementing an English program for children in kindergarten. With 100% native English teachers, the children will have the opportunity to experience the most advanced teaching method in the world, to develop the native accent naturally and integrate themselves in an English speaking environment. This program helps children build a habit and love for English, the first step of forming and developing a lifelong English language ability. 
Combining modern Montessori education method with core values of traditional Vietnamese education
With the motto “non-stop creativity accompanying children’s development”, Sunrise Kidz has executed a dual-language teaching program, combining Montessori subjects with traditional subjects of Ministry of Education Vietnam for kindergarten children. In Sunrise Kidz, children will develop a comprehensive education in terms of art, literature, and physical development. 
Sunrise Kidz kindergarten hopes to become a second home for children, full of smiles and happiness, safety and dedicated care. This is an environment where all children have the opportunity to enhance the intellect, the soul and physical development. 

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