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Opening ceremony of IMSK international kindergarten

On February 21th 2013, Sunrise Kidz opened the new branch IMSK on the third floor of IPH Building, 241 Xuan Thuy, Cau Giay District, Hanoi.

IMSK (International Montessori Sunrise Kidz) is a collaboration between the IMC organization (International Montessori Council) of the United States and Sunrise Kidz, and marks yet another milestone in10 years of Sunrise Kidz’s development. With the opening of IMSK we continue to commit to bringing the best things to your children, including the following:

Advanced educational method: The Montessori method has been applied effectively in many countries in the world for more than 100 years, and is especially geared toward kindergarten-aged children. With this method, teachers become a guide who helps children to explore and discover themselves and the world.

Professional, dedicated teachers: In IMSK, children will be taught English by native English speaking teachers from countries like U.K, U.S, Canada. All of the teachers in IMSK graduated from reputed pedagogical universities, and frequently attend training courses about Montessori method.
Modern facilities: IMSK has beenrecognized as the international kindergarten which has the most modern facilities in Hanoi. Each classroom is arranged separately to be suitable with each subject’s requirement such as a music room, a science room, and a dancing room. IMSK is also equipped with state of the art toys which help the kids maximize their creativity.
Nutrition: The kitchen is designed based on European standard with modern equipment, closely following food hygiene and safety regulations. The diet was created by the school’s nutritional experts with the menus suitableto the children’s age and development. 
Come to IMSK to let your kids enjoy an international standard of education, let your little angels play and learn in a children’s world.

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