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Let's celebrate Vietnam Teacher's Day 20/11 with SK Style

While millions of hearts are heading toward the teachers on Vietnam Teacher’s Day 20/11, the kids at Sunrise Kidz kindergarten sent the warmest greetings to the teachers in their own style with SK style flash mob dance.

SK Style performance stage was choreographed by our dance teacher with simple moves but full of love and respect from our kids to the teachers. The kids in Sunrise Kidz family have danced, sung together in exciting tones of modern and lively melody. The cheers from the audiences heat up the atmosphere at each venue our children perform. The innocent smiles of the kids, along with the jaunty dance moves, easily to imitate, have attracted the large attention of the audiences.

SK Style performed by the kids in Sunrise Kidz Kindergarten has delivered the message of deep gratitude and appreciation toward the teachers, as well as the call for the community, society to care more about the future generation of the country. With Montessori education method, Sunrise Kidz is making effort everyday for the children to develop comprehensively, not only mentally but also physically.

Sunrise Kidz Kindergarten, which was established in 2003, is the first kindergarten in Vietnam to apply Montessori education method combining with the core values of traditional education method of Vietnam. After 10 year of development with 4 branches and the fifth branch – International Montessori Sunrise Kidz (IMSK), which has the most modern facilities in Vietnam, designed by the famous German architecture company Baumschalager Eberle, situates at the Indochina Plaza Hanoi Building – 239 Xuan Thuy Street, Cau Giay District. Sunrise Kidz is day by day confirming the high quality of the standardized international education program.

With Montessori education method in Sunrise Kidz, the hidden ability and the gifted skills of the children will be developed to the fullest.

In January 2010, City Sports – sports centre for children was established, from the dream of Vietnamese children to get to know the New York basketball style of Mr. Ducchi T. Quan, who graduated from a famous university in the U.S, participated in the basketball league of the U.S – NCAA and his brother, Mr. Hoang D. Quan – who founded Sunrise Kidz.


Up to now, not only focusing on basketball training course, City Sports also focuses on developing the talents for the kids in kindergarten and primary school in term of art, martial art, dancing, chess, with professional coaches and teachers, which help the kids to pursue their passion.
Always be the company in helping children to complete their characteristics, Sunrise Kidz commits to bring the best for your children!

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